Terms and Conditions

• All work is undertaken by Taywood Services Pty Ltd in accordance with BSA Code of Business Practice and Standards, and in good faith.
• The Customer is required to provide on-sites mains electrical power, as well as mains or flowing water. These being an essential requirement for core drilling and general fence installation.
• It is the customers responsibility to advise Taywood Services of the precise location of any and all relevant underground services or appurtenances, including but not limited to, all underground piping, cabling and drains. Taywood Services cannot be responsible for any damage to underground objects that the accurate location or existence of, has not been correctly advised and/or noted.
• All materials and equipment delivered to the site or ordered for the job, irrespective of whether installed or not, shall remain the property of Taywood Services until full and final payment is received. The customer is responsible for the security and safe keeping of all materials and equipment delivered to the site.
• All process, terms and conditions are given in good faith, and remain in effect for customer acceptance 30-days from the quotation date, thereafter, Taywood Services reserves the right to revise any given quotation.
• All pegs and boundaries are to be marked by the owners who shall continue to be responsible for the position of the fence and any claims arising there from.
• No Allowance has been made for concealed obstructions such as but limited to rock, wires, pipes, tree roots, broken posts, foundations, thick or reinforced concrete etc, which may be encountered. Any costs incurred in the removal of concealed obstructions including additional labour shall be payable by the owners.
• The owners shall remove or protect all plants, ornaments, pipes etc which may be damaged. Taywood Services shall exercise all care but accept no responsibility.